Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Temps in the low 50s, mostly cloudy, Wind SW 5-15 mph

Weather, Sept 27, 2023

Nothing new at Sweeper Channel, so I went up to the High School Willows/Spruces. I had a flock of Snow Buntings there.

Snow Bunting, High School Spruces, Sept 27, 2023

An hour later, Aaron came by there and had 5 Brambling! This has been the story of this last week. I would bird a spot and find nothing significant. Then Aaron would come by and find something good!

I came back later and found three of them.

Brambling, near High School Willows, Sept 27, 2023

The Black Scoter flock off Navfac Beach has grown to 14.

Although I complain about my experiences out at the Loran Station, I continue to go out there at least once each trip just because… Today, I decided to go out there to get Tufted Puffin, which I had missed so far this trip. Mission accomplished. I also had one Laysan Albatross fly by (distantly). No other pelagic birds.

I have been wondering why I was seeing so few Black-legged Kittiwakes off the Seawall and the Palisades. It turns out they were all up at the Loran station. There were hundreds. I don’t know why they aren’t frequenting the other parts of the island.

After dinner, I went back up to Clam Lagoon to see if the teal were doing their evening feeding, but the tide was still too low.

However, I finally found the Sanderling flock that Gerry and Linda had seen last week.

Sanderling (and a Glaucous-winged Gull), Clam Lagoon, Sept 27, 2023

Aaron’s group left today, so I am the only birder here. I leave on Saturday.

The Trip List is 63 and the Annual List is 85.

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