Saturday, September 16, 2023

Temp in the 50s, mostly sunny, light West wind

Not a great start!

My flight from Philly to Chicago was slightly early

Most of the time, his flight flies across southern Pennsylvania, but today it took the northern route and we flew over Presque Isle State Park.

The Chicago/Anchorage flight was about an hour late. Then my rental car was not ready when I arrived and I had to wait another half-hour or so for that.

I got to the hotel, unpacked some things and headed out to shop for food for Adak. However, my Garmin GPS went on the fritz and I had to use my phone instead. But since I didn’t have a mount for it (unlike the Garmin), I had to be constantly looking down to see the directions. Not a good way to drive.

I managed to get the shopping done, but had no time to go out birding. I was meeting fellow Pennsylvania birders Gerry and Linda Kruth for dinner. They are joining me on the island for a week.

We had a nice dinner and I went back to the hotel and crashed (not the car — me!).

Saturday’s flight to Adak arrived a little early.

On the way in, we got a wonderful look at Mt Sitkin (the active volcano about 30 miles east of Adak).

We got to our rental houses, unpacked the essentials and put away our food and headed out to do some birding.

Not much to report.

It was balmy, and we didn’t find any birds of note. Along the way we erected four bird feeders.

I showed Gerry and Linda some of the locations and we walked out the Clam Lagoon Peninsula. No shorebirds…

Only 16 species, all expected.

You can see my eBird checklist at

We will be doing a much more thorough search tomorrow.