Saturday, September 26, 2015

Temp in the 50s, S wind 5-15 mph, mostly cloudy, occasional shower.

We finally caught up to a Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, but it wouldn’t sit still long enough for a photo. Unlike these turnstones.

Ruddy Turnstones, Landing Lights Jetty, Sept 26, 2015.

Ruddy Turnstones, Landing Lights Jetty, Sept 26, 2015.

There were 15 turnstones and 7 Rock Sandpipers at the Landing Lights Jetty.

A lone White-winged Scoter off the Seawall takes our triplist to 50.

After a few days of Peregrines only, we found a Gyrfalcon at Contractor’s Camp Marsh. The number of longspurs appears to be declining, they are starting to leave.

The Crested Auklet is still hanging around the Fuel Pier, but disappears from time-to-time.

We saw dolphins (porpoises?) in Sweeper Cove this morning, but too far away and too briefly to identify. We have been seeing marine mammals frequently this trip, but rarely well enough to identify or photograph.

By the way, gas is down to $6.49 out here (down from $6.81 in May)!

Northwest winds are predicted tomorrow. Come on, birds!