Friday, May 18, 2018

Temp in the 40s, partly sunny, wind east 10-15 mph

Still in the doldrums.

We picked up 5 trip birds today, nothing unexpected.

We decided to go down to Finger Bay and creek. We stopped at both quarries along the way, At the first one, we had a singing Pacific Wren (this is THE place on Adak to get Pacific Wren when all else fails). They are harder to find in spring, but are everywhere in fall, once the young are off the nests.

We also had a Common Loon on the lake next to the quarry.

At the quarry at the top of the hill, we had several Snow Buntings and a Gyrfalcon overlooking the area.

Gyrfalcon, Hilltop Quarry (on road to Finger Bay), May 18, 2018

Nothing new at Finger Bay or along the creek.

On the way back up to town, we spotted a Bald Eagle on its nest.

Bald Eagle on nest, Sweeper Cove, May 18, 2018

They don’t have any trees to nest in up here, so they nest on cliff ledges or on top of rock chimneys. The Bald Eagles that nest near our home in Pennsylvania were already feeding young when we left for our trip up here.

There is activity at most of the feeders up here, but no new birds so far.

The Attu tour group’s boat had a maintenance problem, so they are here until tomorrow (when the parts arrive). They have had a few birds that we haven’t and vice versa. Our most notable miss so far is Tufted Duck. They had one on Lake Shirley, but it has eluded us.

We are expecting the winds to change to the west Sunday night, so we expect things to start picking up on Monday.

Trip list is 46.