Sunday, September 24, 2023

Temps in the 50s, light rain in the morning, mostly cloudy in the afternoon, Wind S 5-10 in the morning, switching to W 10-15 in the afternoon.

Weather, Sept 24, 2023

The Brambling is still hanging out at the High School Willows and Spruces.

I added a Common Loon at the Seawall to the trip list.

And the Pacific Golden-Plover continues to hang out on the road near the Breaches.

But the best news of the day happened when I approached The Marsh this morning. Aaron was there and told me they had just seen the Merlin and were scanning for it.

I drove up one side of the marsh while they drove up the center. When we met, I suggested that if I were a Merlin, I would be over at the Thrush Feeder (which is nearby).

We scanned over there and, sure enough, it was sitting on the fence near the feeder.

I raced over there and this is the result.

Merlin, Thrush feeder, Sept 24, 2023
Merlin, Thrush feeder, Sept 24, 2023

This was a new Adak bird for me — number 161!

The Trip List is now 58 and the Annual List is 83.

My highest fall trip was 63 in 2014 and my highest Annual List was 94 in 2013.

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