Wednesday, September 26, 2012

And the days trickle down to a precious few..September…

The weather was similar to yesterday, but the wind got stronger again. Fewer rain showers.

We got a new trip bird today. We had a Common Redpoll at the High School Willows. John et al. had a couple there before we arrived two weeks ago, but this was the first one we found since being here. Not a great photo, but identifiable.

Common Redpoll, High School Willows, 09/26/12

Up at Clam Lagoon, I walked the peninsula between showers. One Red-necked Stint was still there, as was the flock of Sanderlings.

The surf was rip-roaring again today (Barb’s sound-level meter recorded a peak of 101 dB!), so not much at the seawall, although I did spot a Layson Albatross way out. Also, Rock Sandpipers and Ruddy Turnstones. We flushed a few Pectoral Sandpipers here and there.

At the Boy Scout Cabins, I walked over to the other side of the creek to see if I could find any small birds in the willows there. All I could find was a cooperative Pacific Wren.

Pacific Wren, Boy Scout Cabins, 09/26/12

I still don’t know how these little guys survive year-round out here!

At Sweeper Cove late in the afternoon, we found ten Black Oystercatchers — our high count for the trip.

This will be our last post until Saturday morning. We leave at 6 pm tomorrow (hopefully on a high note) and will be spending the next 15 hours or so in airports and on planes, arriving home Friday afternoon.

Trip count is now 52.