Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Come on birds! Where are ya?

Temp in the 40s, mostly cloudy, Wind S 15-30

The strong westerly/southerly winds have yet to dump any new birds on Adak (at least that we could find!).

We had one Hawfinch and one Brambling today, as well as four Tufted Ducks.

Some of the other birders reported decent views of pelagics at the Loran Station today, so we headed up there.

By the way, someone finally moved the huge boulder that was blocking the last mile of the road to the Loran Station! So you no longer have to view the sea from a mile back of hike to the station for closer viewing. You can now drive all of the way out.

We had several Laysan Albatross within binocular distance, but I couldn’t find them in the camera, so no photos. No other pelagics.

After returning to town, we headed south to Finger Bay. We ran into JJ & co., who relayed an observation to us. First a note about Aleutian Song Sparrows. One of the names we use for them out here is Songpipers, as we always see them down on the shoreline acting like sandpipers, foraging along the water’s edge and shoreline.

Now the observation. They said they aw a Song Sparrow at a little eddy in the stream and it was fishing! Four times in a row, it stabbed at something in the water and each time brought up a small silver fish. They were so enthralled, they forgot to grab their cameras! I guess we should rename it Fishing Sparrow…

Their calling for gale-force southerly winds the next few days, much like last year at this time. Let’s hope they produce the same result — good birds.

Our trip list remains at 58.