Wednesday, Sep 14, 2011

We’re overrun with em!

Barb’s comment upon finding our second Common Sandpiper of the day/trip!

The day started with rain and fog. Just enough to prevent us from identifying the swarm of shearwaters in Kuluk Bay. The sun came out about a half-hour later, but the shearwaters were gone.

We headed up to Contractor’s Marsh, but just as Frank started to walk it, it started to rain again and he thought better of it.

So we headed for Clam Lagoon (where else?) and Frank walked the edge of the marsh. He kicked out about a dozen shorebirds including Pectoral, Sharp-tailed, Baird’s, and a Ruff.

Baird's Sandpiper, Clam Lagoon, 9/14/11

From left vto right, Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Ruff, Baird's Sandpiper, Clam Lagoon, 9/14/11

After the walk, we headed around to the seawall, where we relocated the Common Sandpiper and got better photos of it. We also saw a Rock Sandpiper there, our first of the trip.

Common Sandpiper, Clam Lagoon Seawall, 9/14/11

We continued around to Candlestick Bridge and back. When we got back to the western side of Clam Lagoon, Frank walked out the peninsula and found that the two Western Sandpipers and the Red-necked Stint were still there.

We went back down to town and checked Sweeper Creek channel. What did we find, but another Common Sandpiper! Hence Barb’s comment…

Isaac arrived shortly after we called him and got to see it also.

Common Sandpiper, Sweeper Creek, 9/14/11

We then headed back up to Contractor’s Marsh and Frank began to walk it. He saw a couple of Pectorals and at least one Sharp-tail and two smaller shorebirds that flew away and could not be relocated.

Also on our trip around Clam Lagoon earlier we saw the Slaty-backed Gull that Isaac had told us about.

Slaty-backed Gull, Clam Lagoon, 9/14/11

No lifers today, but still a good day all around.