Saturday, May 16, 2015

Temp in the low 40s, west wind 10-30 mph, overcast, scattered showers.

Not much happening today. The Bar-tailed Godwit count is up to 9 (8 at Clam Lagoon and 1 at Landing Lights Beach). The Dunlin was still here this morning. One female Smew is still on Shotgun Lake and the Sitka crew saw the (a?) Hawfinch in town.

There were two pair of Tufted Ducks on the Airport Ponds.

This morning, the Sitka crew told us they had a Rough-legged Hawk up near White Alice (the hill where the cell tower is). We drove around that area this morning to no avail.

We added a few trip birds — Common Murre, Ancient Murrelet, and two Laysan Albatross off the seawall.

At Clam Lagoon, we had 5 godwits from the south viewpoint. When we got around to the east side, we had a flock of 8 over there. When we got back to the west side again, there were 8 there. We scanned the east side to see if the 8 were still over there. I saw a flock of a dozen-or-so shorebirds, and thought they might be the godwits, but then they flew up and moved down the flats a few dozen yards and I could see that they were some smaller species — not godwits. So apparently the 5 godwits joined three others and moved to the east side, then flew back to the west side. As to the other shorebirds, we lost sight of them. Maybe they will show up tomorrow.

The feeders are starting to attract the rosy finches, so we expect some Asian strays to take notice and stop to feed.

No pictures today…