Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Temp in the 50s, light variable wind becoming moderate SW by afternoon. Sunny.

Another balmy sunny day on Adak.

The Taiga Flycatcher is still here.

The only new trip bird was a flock of Black Scoters.

It is much more fatiguing when you are not finding new birds.

The biggest misses so far are Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Sanderling, and Emperor Goose. We ALWAYS get those on our September trips. It is the law that Sharp-tailed Sandpipers are always present in September on Adak! I have walked Contractor’s Camp Marsh and Clam Lagoon marsh edge several times each and all I have found is 2 pectorals, a snipe, and a couple of dowitchers. This is unheard of!

We are currently in a protracted spell of very low tides (both high and low!), meaning the flats at the lagoon are not being replenished daily, making them less attractive to shorebirds. The tide chart we have does not show a change for the remainder of our stay…

Except for last Thursday night, we have not had any rain, so all of the little wet areas that would usually attract Pectoral Sandpipers, have all dried up.

It is supposed to rain starting tomorrow night. And the wind is supposed to get stronger and change to the south. Maybe that will also bring a change in the birds.

Triplist is 46.