Thursday, May 19, 2016

Temp in the 40s, partly sunny, occasional drizzle, Wind W 10-15 mph

Nothing new at the feeders.

Five Tufted Ducks continue at the Airport Ponds.

At Sweeper Channel, we found a Least Sandpiper. This is a rare bird on Adak, but has been seen each of the last three years, with a pair displaying on territory two years ago!

At Clam Lagoon, we had an American Green-winged Teal. This is a rarity out here, as what the Europeans call the Common Teal is the norm out here.

At the Breaches, we had the first Red-necked Grebes of the trip.

There were two Ruddy Turnstones on Goose Rocks.

Nothing else new to report.

Overall, so far, the number of most migrants is low. We usually see hundreds of Buffleheads, but this year its under a hundred. The scoter numbers are down, very few Common Goldeneye (in fact we haven’t run into them yet, although the tour groups reported some.) No unusual ducks like Shoveler, etc. No Cackling Geese except one reported by the tour groups (a flyby). The number of godwits is above average.

Although some terns are here, they have not yet settled in to feeding routines at Clam Lagoon and the Airport Ponds, so we have yet to get close enough to identify them. We have only seen some flying at a great distance. However, we expect that will change in a few days.

So, a relatively slow start — especially compared to last spring! — but the last week of May is when the most vagrants tend to show up.

The trip list stands at 45.

PS. Sorry, no photos today…