Thursday, September 27, 2012

Going home.

The weather was nice today, partly sunny, light wind.

No new birds, but one of the Gyrfalcons finally stayed still long enough for a photo.

Gyrfalcon, Contractor’s Marsh, 09/27/12

Up at Clam Lagoon, the Red-necked Stint was still present on the peninsula. On the flats at Candlestick Bridge, we had a record 94 Harbor Seals sunning.

94 Harbor Seals sunning themselves, Clam Lagoon, 09/27/12

The airplane arrived and left early. I got some nice aerial shots as we took off.

Lake Andrew (top right), Haven Lake (top center), Contractor’s Marsh(center right), 09/27/12

Clam Lagoon, 09/27/12

Clam Lagoon Peninsula, 09/27/12

All of our flights were on time and uneventful. We got home at 3 pm Friday.

The highlights of the trip were roaring Sea Lions, a Giant Squid, lots of new photos, the Baikal Teal, and most importantly, the Eurasian Kestrel!

It was a good trip and we will be back.