Friday, Sept 23, 2011

A change in the weather!

Today was overcast, rainy, and winds from the southeast to east.

The only new trip bird was White-winged Scoter. However, waterfowl continue to increase. We are now up to ten Eurasian Wigeon and more Mallards and Pintail have shown up.

The salmon run is about over. A few live fish can still be seen in the streams, but most are dead and the shorelines are littered with fishbones left by the Ravens, Eagles, and Gulls. Here is a flock of ravens at one of the creek outlets on Clam Lagoon waiting for the remaining salmon.

Ravens and Bald Eagle (perched) waiting for salmon, Clam Lagoon, 9/23/2011

Isaac had Sanderlings, a Dunlin, and an unidentified shorebird for a brief period at Clam Lagoon his afternoon (while we were in town getting gas!). He thinks it possibly could be a Broad-billed Sandpiper, but he was unable to get close and his photos of it are poor at best. He sent the photos to some shorebird experts. So the verdict is not yet in. We will certainly be scouring the flats tomorrow!

Here is a combination you don’t see every day…

Bald Eagle being serenaded by Aleutian Song Sparrow, Lake Andrew, 9/23/2011

And for the over-sixty crowd…

Want to see my flounder?