Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mid-40s, rain off-and-on (mostly in the morning), light NE winds.

Our last day provided a couple trip birds, but no new Adak birds (or lifers).

The siskin was not seen, although we checked at least four times throughout the day.

We added Common Snipe to the trip list and finally had a Black-legged Kittiwake at the Seawall. This made our final trip list 61.

This was a sub-par year. What we didn’t find was more notable than what we did.

The highlight was the siskins (not even Asian) and the Short-eared Owl. The only Asian vagrants were the Whimbrel and the Black-headed Gull.

Waterfowl was pitiful. Last spring we had five species of geese–this year, one. In addition to no Tufted Ducks or Smew, there weren’t even any uncommon (for Adak) ducks–such as Oldsquaw, shoveler, etc.)

Except for the Whimbrel, there were no Asian shorebirds.

There were no hawks other than Bald Eagle. Our first trip to Adak without a Peregrine!

And no Asian passerines. We got spoiled the last two years with multiple Hawfinches and Bramblings!

We enjoyed it nonetheless, although it was depressing on some days. Of course, there is the law of diminishing returns, as each trip reduces the number of possible vagrants. That list is still exceedingly long, but the list of likely vagrants is getting short.

We will try again in September.