Friday, September 23, 2022

Temp in the 50s, partly sunny, a shower at noon, winds W 15-20 changing to NW 20-30 mph in the afternoon

It was a difficult day for birding. The high winds drove many species to cover.

However, it didn’t bother the pelagics flying offshore, so I finally saw a Laysan Albatross for the trip from the Seawall.

I found a nice flock (43) of Sanderlings clinging to the shoreline at the north end of Clam Lagoon.

Sanderlings, Clam Lagoon, Sept 23, 2022

Last May I highlighted the burn that took place near Lake Andrew.

I said it would be green by the time I returned.

Burn Area near Lake Andrew, May 2022
Burn Area near Lake Andrew, Sept 2022

In fact, it is greener than the surrounding area.

Aaron’s group leaves tomorrow (assuming the plane is able to land — the forecast is marginal).

So I will be on my own for the last week.

I will tally the birds found by him that I didn’t see this week on tomorrow’s post.

My trip list is 47.

eBird list at