Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Temp in the 50s, rain in the morning, intermittent showers in the afternoon, Wind SE to SW 15-25 mph

In the past, strong overnight easterly winds have frequently pushed flocks of shearwaters into Kuluk Bay in the morning.

Today was no exception.

There were thousands of Short-tailed Shearwaters swirling about, in and out of the mist.

They were still just a little too far out with poor viewing conditions for Gabi to count them as a lifer.

So we headed up to the Seawall where I hoped the same phenomena was taking place.

Unfortunately, it was not. We scanned near and far, but no stiff-wings.

But then, out of nowhere, a shearwater flew in all by its lonesome and gave us both terrific looks as it flew back in forth in front of us between us and Goose Rocks.

Gabi got her lifer!

We worked our way back around and Gabi suggested going to Lake Andrew and then the back road via Shotgun Lake. As we drove down the paved section of road, I suggested driving up a small side road that went up to a building where I have gotten a few birds over the years.

As we turned onto that road a tattler flew off from the roadside to behind us.

We got out and refound it.

It was a Gray-tailed Tattler (the only tattler expected in the fall).

Gray-tailed Tattler, on the road to Lake Andrew, September 14, 2021

Another lifer for Gabi!

When we ran into Michelle a little while later, we told her about the tattler and she went there and refound it. It was a year bird and an Alaska bird for her!

We didn’t find any other new birds for the day, but the Lesser Sand-Plover and Red-necked Stint were still at the Lagoon, as well as 18 Sanderling.

Later, I went back up to the lagoon and saw the Common Teal flock that hides most of the day but comes out to feed in late afternoon and early morning. I counted 224!

My trip list is 52.