Thursday, May 30, 2024

Temps in the 40s, overcast, steady drizzle after 11 am, Wind SSE 5-15 mph

Weather, May 30, 2024

I checked the local feeders, but did not see either Hawfinch.

At the Airport Ditch, I finally found an American Green-winged Teal for the trip.

American Green-winged Teal, Airport Ditch, May 30, 2024

There are usually one or two around each May, but this one took almost two weeks to find.

Also at the Airport Ditch, a pair of Wood Sandpipers were in courtship display — the male calling continuously and flying up and hovering above the female on the ground.

Wood Sandpiper in courtship flight, Airport Ditch, May 30, 2024

Courtship displays by Wood Sandpipers have been seen previously on Adak, but there have been no confirmations of nesting. Wood Sandpipers have been confirmed nesting on Attu and Amchitka and suspected on other western Aleutian Islands.

The Tufted Duck was on Haven Lake again this morning.

Tufted Duck, Haven Lake, May 30, 2024

The Far Eastern Curlew continues on the Clam Lagoon East Side Flats.

Two Pacific Golden-Plovers remain at the Marsh.

Pacific Golden-Plover, the Marsh, May 30, 2024

The Emperor Goose was on Goose Rocks again today.

Emperor Goose (with Common Eiders), Goose Rocks, May 30, 2024

When we arrived on Adak two weeks ago, I told Don not to worry about the terns flying by at a distance because we would soon enough see them up close and personal…

Well, that has not been the case. In past years, over the course of two weeks, we would encounter the following four scenarios:

  1. At the Airport Ponds, Aleutian Terns would be feeding on the ponds and then fly up the hill (frequently right over us).
  2. Aleutian Terns would perch on some of the various rock outcroppings along the west shore of Clam Lagoon, providing up close viewing.
  3. Both Aleutian and Arctic terns would sit on the East Side Mud Flats at Clam Lagoon (but not too far out) where they could be scoped easily to see the distinct facial patterns for identification.
  4. They would both be giving their distinctive calls

None of these scenarios happened the ten days that Don was here. And in fact there were several days when we did not include Aleutian Terns on our list for lack of identification opportunities.

Today scenario #3 took place.

Aleutian Terns, Clam Lagoon, May 30, 2024

And they were also photographable off of the Seawall.

Aleutian Tern, Seawall, May 30, 2024

When I arrived back at the house, went into the kitchen and looked out at the feeder, I was greeted with the following!

Hawfinch, Adak, May 30, 2024

This was my first Hawfinch at my feeder.

The Trip List is now 75 (I count the two teal as separate species — like the Brits).

The Trip Report can be viewed at

One-and-a-half days to go…