Saturday, May 25, 2024

Temps in the 40s, mostly cloudy, Wind E 5-10 mph

Weather, May 25, 2024

Every trip to Adak is different.

This year, the lack of species at the feeders is noticeable.

The only species being seen on the feeders are Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches. Not even a Song Sparrow or Longspur (except for two days at the beginning of the trip when a VERY WARY Hawfinch visited the Seal drive feeder).

The other notable thing is it took us a week to see our first Common Raven. I’ve gone a day or two before, but not a whole week.

One of the Far Eastern Curlews was at Clam Lagoon for most of the day to the delight of arriving birders. And the Common Greenshank was on Candlestick Bridge beach. Also, the Emperor Goose re-appeared on Cormorant Rocks.

Most notable was we found two Red-necked Stints at the Airport Creek Bridge this morning.

We found another Brambling out at Lake Andrew (that makes 4).

Here is the mandatary annual eagle head shot…

Bald Eagle, Adak, May 25, 2024

We finally added both puffins and Wilson’s Snipe to our trip list (and Raven).

Four birders left today and five arrived.

The trip list is 65 (two above average).

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